W 1800 mm / H 300 mm / D 600 mm
polypropylene / leather / 2016

The cultural difference in the view on comfort, his complexity and variety, is the base of my graduation project. The modularity of the System, that is made for the outdoor-use, is characterized by the possibility of transformation and flexibility. MERKATO differs in these characteristics from conventional seating furniture.
The possibility of transformation and individual conformance of MERKATO, reflects qualities that were noticed during field studies in Addis Abeba.
The variegated options of use of
normal everyday life objects, opened a new  category of comfort. A normal plastic bucket turns into a comfortable and valuable object, once you saw its importance in the Ethiopian everyday life.
The plastic modules of MERKATO are inspired by the form and function of the classic plastic bucket. The assembled modules are forming a sun lounger or a chair. In single parts, the modules can be stuck together for transportation or storage.

MERKATO combines  the comfort of flexibility and intuitiv usability with the classical comfort of chairs and sun loungers.


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